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Psychology of computer programming book download
Psychology of computer programming book download

Psychology of computer programming by Gerald M. Weinberg

Psychology of computer programming

Download Psychology of computer programming

Psychology of computer programming Gerald M. Weinberg ebook
Format: djvu
Page: 299
ISBN: 0932633420, 9780932633422
Publisher: Dorset House

Why should you, as a psychology student, or indeed any other kind of student, need to learn computer programming? Weinberg's The Psychology of Computer Programming, which I first read in 1982. In my experience, we rarely look at psychological issues related to software development. Originally Released in 1971, follow ups added 1998. It is a fantastic resource if you are trying to compare programming the end, anything not worth doing is not worth doing fast. There have been many references to this challenge over the years since the Garmisch conference, from Jerry Weinberg's “Psychology of Computer Programming” through Alistair's “cooperative game” ideas. (You might want to look at The Psychology of Computer Programming, written before most of these languages were invented, or their inventors were even born. The Computer Language Benchmarks Game is a collection of 429 programs, consisting of 13 benchmark reimplemented across 33 programming languages. What made me change my mind and become a professional programmer? Instead of being focused solely on the code being written, The Psychology of Computer Programming looks at the thought process behind the person actually writing the code. Weinberg had a study of how you could tell the native programming language of the student by their PL/I code. I've taught myself computer programming, psychology, graphic design, nutrition, philosophy, evolutionary biology, finance and other subjects. Researchers in Sweden have created a computer program that can score 150 on standard non-verbal IQ test questions by modeling human problem-solving psychology. A thought provoking book on how humans program, and how they interact with others. Mostly a lot of questions to think about. Gerry Weinberg's Psychology of Computer Programming (1971) opened my mind to the ways in which psychology could be applied to programming. "The Psychology of Computer Programming: Silver Anniversary Edition" by Gerald M.

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